Our catering business will provide the complete cooking and prep work of the meals as well as delivery and set up at the venue to make sure that the food and settings are arranged properly.


For meals that call for a particular timetable such as weddings, we will work directly with the occasion coordinator to make sure that everything runs effortlessly.

Set Up

We are happy to setup all areas that relate to dining. This includes any type of table featuring appetizers. if the meal is buffet style we take care of the layout and preparation of the food.


If your venue does not have personnel we will be happy to provide you with a team to handle appetizers and make certain that there are enough meals for everybody.

Clean Up

Another part of our task is to clean up after the occasion. We can package all left overs and offer them to the patrons as you decide. We will make sure that all dishes and utensils that aren’t ours are washed and put away appropriately or given back to their owner.